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Do Plants Have An Effect On Your Mental Health & Wellbeing?

We all know times are tough and our Mental health can get low, it's been proven that house plants can help with this. Studies have shown seeing indoor plants can indeed improve your mood and also reduce stress. Thus decreasing levels of anxiety. Increases attentiveness and memory.Its been proven being around house plants at home or work improve memory and attention span.


Surrounding Yourself With Nature

Keeping house plants remind us of nature which helps us focus on the bigger picture, which can alleviate symptoms of depression. Constantly seeing plants around your home anything from the smallest house plant to the tallest house plant, helps people feel more calm and more relaxed which in this day and age we all need. House plants also help with air quality, our houses can have quite bad air quality due to furniture, carpets, even using cleaning products. This poor air quality can cause symptoms like headache and breathing problems. Indoor house plants like spider plant, Boston ferns and the well known Peace Lilly can help with the air quality by filtering out the nasty chemicals.


Plants In Window


A Few Easy Care Plants

There are a number of easy to care for house plants like the Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Spider plants, palms are to name a few. If you're thinking of buying a plant to improve your mental health and wellbeing we will recommend a couple of easy and common house plants to start with you can also buy house plants online from the comfort of your sofa.


Snake Plant Close Up


The well known Snake plant aka Mother-in-Law's is so easy to look after and is great for a beginner. This plant is a succulent with stunning marking, it stores water in it's plump leaves and only needs little water, it can live in bright indirect light to low light. This house plant will reward you with pups(babies). Which you can keep or pass on to friends and family. Spider plant, stunning plant super easy to care for will reward you with flowers and loads babies. Can live in bright indirect light to medium low light. Watering is easy water when the top inch of the soil is dry its time to water your spider plants.You'll soon have your own indoor jungle and you'll be so proud of it as you should be.


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